What I (Try) to Do While Listening to Audiobooks

What I (Try) to Do While Listening to Audiobooks

I'm not exactly a fan of audiobooks. But I'm not totally against them either. Recently, I discovered a new found love for audiobooks that might just get me more into them. They are especially nice while lying in bed before I fall asleep. Instead of picking up my iPod, I find that I am reaching more towards an audiobook to listen to. I've come a long way from my first audibook review. I'm actually able to focus a lot more than when I started listening to audiobooks, but I'm still a long way from perfecting the art of listening to them.

I can't read in cars. It's a thing that has plagued me for years. If I try and read, or even watch a movie, I get car sick. It sucks, but now that I've started listening to audiobooks that might all change. I can catch up on my reading in the car without having to open my eyes. I can plug in my headphones and just listen away.

But I'm not always in the car or in bed when I listen to audiobooks, here are a few things that I try (and mostly fail) at doing when I listen to audiobooks:

  • Getting ready

I've only done this a few times, but I've found that it works really well. I'm not a morning person, so I keep in headphones so people can't talk to me (or they can but don't expect a response). Getting ready is something that I have to do every morning before I go to school, or even if I'm just going out. Like any other bookworm, I'd rather be reading while I straighten my hair or put on makeup. I've tried picking up a book and reading but it's really hard when you have no hands to turn the pages. 

I ended up not get anything done. 

Reading the same page over and over and only straightening half of my hair was not going to work out. 

So, recently, I've been trying it out with audiobooks, which is honestly one of the greatest things ever. I'm catching up on my reading while getting ready for the day. It's a win-win situation. 

  • Doing homework

In the school year, I've tried to listen to audiobooks while I study; I really have. It just doesn't work out. This one just becomes a massive fail, and it's really when I decide that audiobooks aren't for me. 

I'm one of those people that work better/ read better when I have music playing in the background. I hate silence, so when I work I play my music out loud for some background noise. It's very great because the silence isn't bugging me, and I work harder. 

The problem is that I sort of tune it out. I will start off a worksheet rocking out to an awesome song, singing a long a little, and then by the time I'm finished with a worksheet, about ten songs have passed that I didn't even remember listening to or I've missed my favorite part of a song. 

That's not a good thing if you are wanting to read. You want to remember everything that you read so you can fit it all into a good review. That's not about to happen if I'm listening to audiobooks while I study. 

  • Cleaning

Cleaning is one of the things I hate most in the world. (That and packing, ugh.) And it's also one of the things that I've tried to make better by reading... er, listening to a book. 

I zone out. 

I think I've come to realize that I cannot multitask, especially when one of the things I'm trying to do involves reading. Audiobooks only suit me when I'm not doing anything else, which I feel can get really awkward. I'll have in my headphones and just stare at a wall which tends to freak out other humans. It's probably best that I stay in my room while I listen to these audiobooks, far away from other forms of life. Do you have problems while listening to audiobooks? What can and can't you do?