Little Old Me

Books Will be the Death of Me

Hi! After that dark statement, I would like to introduce myself, I'm Kayl, the creator of Kayl's Krazy Obsession. I'm a rebellious blogger that wants the world to hear my opinions. About what, you might say. Well, I'm so glad you asked. The world (whether it likes it or not) is going to hear my eccentric opinions on books and book-related topics. I'm a teenage bookworm that's (supposed to) help you find your next great read while teaching you to accept who you are with my wild and wacky thoughts.

What are these thoughts? 

Maybe you want to know why I'm Sick of Harry Potter.

Or maybe it's why I think the Dystopian genre is dying.

Or you just want to know what the hell a #BasicBookBlogger is.

Perhaps you're someone totally different and want to know why communication is important.

It all can be found right here on my site. I've been told that I say what everyone else is too afraid to say.

My reviews are blunt and honest. Sometimes that irritates authors, but that's who I am. I'm not about to change who I am, and you shouldn't either.

So why should you read?

I read the books that matter, so you know which ones you should pick up.

I'm picky choosing what I want to read. If it doesn't sound interesting, I'm not going to read it. If I'm not that into it, I'm not going to finish it. I only finish the books that I feel others would enjoy.

Are you into hot male leads? *swoon* What about contemporary, easy reads? Or those books that everyone's talking about and you're not sure whether or not to pick it up? Or maybe you're into the Dystopian genre like me.

I'm here to discuss the *hot* books as well as the ones that you've never even heard of. Add the books that I read to your library, so you're not disappointed.

What About the Person Behind the Blog? 

Here's what you should know:

I talk about myself in third person a lot. So if you see something that's like "Kayl says this" or "Kayl likes that," just know that it's me talking about myself. I actually find it funny to talk about myself in third person because people grow confused. And I like confusing people.

Actually, I've always wanted to make a difference in the world. One day, these hands that are writing this post are going to touch the world. I will make a difference with my life, whether it be on this blog or doing something else.

I'm a woman living in the Midwest that spends her (there I go again with the 3rd person) free time reading books and writing. And also fangirling. I love the band 5 Seconds of Summer, and actually love music in general. The Walking Dead is my favorite TV show, with Supernatural being a close second.

I also like parenthetical sentences. (They're really cool.) I use them a lot in most of my posts, so if you were wondering, that's why.

I want to share everything with you without boring you which is why I have an (one) option for you: 

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