If You Like This, Then You'll Like This

If You Like This, Then You'll Like This

So I'm always asking for book recommendations, and I felt the need to turn it around and share some of my book recommendations. I got this idea from Booktube, and decided to turn it into a written post. I'm sure someone else has already done this, but whatever, I'm going to do it to.

If you like Percy Jackson and the Olympians, 

then you'll like the Elementals series.

If you are a fan of mythology, I feel ya. There aren't enough good young adult books that fall into the category of mythology. But if you've never heard of either of these series, you need to check them out.

Elementals hits on the Greek mythology that the PJO series hits on, but it's different enough to still be an amazing book. You still have the Greek gods, the Lotus Eaters, and monsters, but they're portrayed in a totally different lighting in Madow's book.

If You Like Mortal Danger by Ann Aguirre,

then you'll like Nexis by A.L. Davroe.

I'm a dystopian, sci-fi girl, but for some odd reason I stray away from fantasy. I'm not sure why since it seems to be right up my ally, I just do. Both of these books are fantasy and deal with a game of sorts. Nexis is an actual virtual videogame while Mortal Danger is a game in real life. Both novels are apart of a series, so they each have a greater picture than just what's in the book.

I loved both of these books and they are actually in my favorites! Everyone needs to read both of them! I highly recommend these books.

If You Liked The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan, 

then you'll like The Hidden Oracle by Rick Riordan.

The Hidden Oracle is apart of a new series by Riordan called The Trials of Apollo (that just came out yesterday, May 3rd). From what I've learned, it takes place after The Blood of Olympus.  Riordan has stated on Twitter that some of the original characters will be mentioned in The Hidden Oracle but this new novel will focus on Apollo. I am literally fangirling so much because I cannot wait to read this book!

 Of course, you need to have read all of the other books before because it's a continuation of the awesome universe. (Percy Jackson is in this OHMYGOD!!!!!)

Honestly, everyone should read these books. If you haven't, do it now! The movies suck, so don't count that as a read. Read everything that Riordan writes because I've read almost all of his works and they're each amazing!

And just because I can, here's an excerpt for The Hidden Oracle ;P

I hope y'all found new books to read. The last one was more of me fangirling than a book recommendation, but I can do what I want.



  1. I will definitely be checking out the Elementals series as well as Rick Riordan's new series (which I somehow had no idea was happening)! They both look quite good. :-)
    I do think Epic Reads has done something like this; a like, try, why thing. But I can look at those for hours, so I always love to see more of them! Ironically enough, I was actually considering doing one for today. :-)

    1. I screamed when I found out Rick Riordan had a new series out. I cannot wait until I can get my hands on it.

      Definitely check out Michelle Madow. She's a lovely author and very nice too. I think the Elementals series is my favorite by her, but she does some nice contemporary as well. Have you ever heard of the Diamond Sisters? I've read Diamonds are Forever (the last book) and enjoyed it. Everything she writes is very fast-paced, and I love it.

      Yeah, a lot of people do like, try, whys. The Trendsetter group I'm apart of do these a lot, and I felt the need to try it on my own.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I know, right? Me too!
    Will do. No, I haven't, but it sounds good! Does it need to be read in order or not?
    Makes sense. You did a great job! Anytime!

    1. It probably should be read in order because you don't want to get any spoilers.