It's Only Monday #1

It's Only Monday is a new weekly meme hosted by us here at Kayl's Krazy Obsession. The original idea for this was the Sunday Post hosted by Caffeinated Book Reviewer, so all credit and love goes to her. I'm just making a few tweaks to it, and since I can't post it on Sunday, I've decided to make it a Monday thing.

Hello! Welcome to the first edition if It's Only Monday! That's really what I'm working on at the moment. School's been pretty hectic, but it's almost over! In one month, I will be off for the summer and I cannot wait for my reading time to multiply! 

I'm getting more books for review, and I'm trying new things. I've just tried manga, and I'm in the middle of a suspense novel, I just received a dark fantasy novel (!), and I'm trying out chicklit! I'm really looking forward to expanding my horizons on KKO! 

I've been posting to Instagram more and more if you want to see books I receive or just plain out love. Also, you can see my bookshelf on there so you should definitely check that out. 

I've been spending my days reading and watching Supernatural. Can we just take a minute to discuss how good that show is? I love it! I think Cas has got to be my favorite character, and I ship Destiel so much! 

"Knowing the hotel was free of nosy tenants, Seth squeezed the barrel of the handgun between the door and carpet and fired. The softened bang of the silencer muted the mystery man's yelp of surprise." -Rogue Agent by Kellie Wallace

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I just finished Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard yesterday, and still have to write a review so stay tuned sometime this week for that!

I'm doing the Spring Into Horror Readathon this week! Check on Goodreads to see my updates for that. Also, I will be having a wrap-up post probably next Monday to see how well I did.