I Love Readers

Guest Post by Pembroke Sinclair 

I Love Readers

By Pembroke Sinclair

Of course, as an author, this should go without saying. I mean, I wouldn’t exist without readers, right? Well, yes and no. I could still be a writer even if I didn’t have readers. But then, where’s the fun in that?

The longer I’m in the publishing world and the more books I create, the more I realize just how wonderful readers are. I am a reader myself, and I have my favorite genres and authors, and I go all fangirl when a new book comes out. It’s amazing to know that I have readers who do the same for me. Seriously, I can’t even begin to explain how incredibly cool it is.

I love to share my stories with readers, and I love to hear how much they enjoyed them. It’s a really good feeling to know that they connect with my characters and get sucked into my worlds. It’s like we share this special bond and my story is what brought us together.

I’m sure I sound a little cheesy and bit a sappy, but I really, honestly, and truly appreciate all the readers out there in the world. You inspire and encourage me to write, and I’m sure other authors feel the same way. So please, readers, keep being amazing.

In celebration of you amazing readers, how about a giveaway? Is anyone interested in ecopies of my young adult zombie novel Life After the Undead? The second book, Death to the Undead, will be out on February 16, 2016. To be included in the drawing, please leave a comment and let me know what your favorite book is. Don’t forget to leave an email address so I can contact you if you’re a winner!

Life After the Undead

"A must read for those looking for a fun and different read in the world of zombie fiction." --Eric S. Brown, author of Bigfoot War and Kaiju Apocalypse
Seventeen-year-old Krista must quickly figure out how she's going to survive in the zombie-destroyed world. The one advantage humans have is that the zombies hate humid environments, so they're migrating west to escape its deteriorating effects. The survivors plan to construct a wall at North Platte to keep the undead out, and Krista has come to Nebraska to start a new life.
Zombies aren't the only creatures she has to be cautious of--the other survivors have a dark side. Krista must fight not only to live but also to defend everything she holds dear--her country, her freedom, and ultimately, those she loves.
Join Krista in her quest to survive in this thrilling apocalyptic novel by Pembroke Sinclair.