Stubbornly Eccentric: Embracing Your Voice

Embracing Your Voice

Being yourself is something that I like to say that I accomplish, but, although I hate to admit it, there are sometimes when I hide my true personality from view. I do it without realizing it. It just happens, and it really goes against my beliefs. I think each person should be who they want to be without anyone whispering in their ear. I’ve always stuck to that simple philosophy, but I guess it’s hard to keep with sometimes.

Bored Out of My Mind

My blogging voice in the past has not been myself. Reading back through old posts, I hardly recognize myself. I sound like some bored six year old that got ahold of a computer and previously spent way too much time on Tumblr. While that may be mostly accurate (I’m not six but I do spend an large amount of my time on Tumblr), that’s not how I am in real life.

It’s hard to project a voice through a screen

You know, the whole reading not seeing aspect of blogging? That was my problem. I was not seeing myself as a person, I was seeing myself as words on a page.

But hello, there’s someone behind the screen.

As much as I would enjoy it, I am not merely words on a page. I am a living, breathing teenage girl that has an over-obsession with books who is also the most stubborn and outspoken person you will ever meet.

That is what people online need to see.

When writing posts, I need to embrace my personality as much as I do in the real world. Somehow I’ve got to translate everything I do outside into an online format. I’ve got the over-obsession thing down pat. Now for the stubborn and outspoken part.

My Unpopular Opinions

If you haven’t noticed, (it’s nice to see that you’ve moved out from underneath that rock and are back with society) every Friday I’ve been posting a bold, what-is-she-thinking post. It started off with my Harry Potter post, and then moved to my Sucky Book post. I even have a #BasicBookBlogger guest post coming up on Chapter Break about judging books based on their covers. And I participated in the Unpopular Opinions Book Tag to add some more eccentric thoughts to the mix.

This is how I’m embracing my voice. I’m speaking my mind and writing posts I never dreamed of publishing.

And you know how it feels?


If you see yourself as words on a website, you’re going to get those results. But once you move past that you begin to see yourself. It’s amazing how it can change your entire outlook on things. People begin to notice your more and respect you. I’m not doing it for them; I’m doing it for myself, but it affects everyone.

That’s why I’m starting the #BasicBookBlogger hashtag. It has been popping up recently (on Twitter), and I’m now glad to formally start it. This hashtag is a pledge to yourself and your readers that you embrace your opinion. You respect yourself. You get your ideas across without caring what others might think because hey, we’re basic :)

Feel free to add your voice to the #BasicBookBlogger and add your voice to the millions already out there. You are not sequences on a page. You are so much more than that so embrace it.




  1. Love this! Definitely adding your voice and making the posts scream you is awesome. I've been experimenting with new ways of stating my opinions, and lately I seem to be the black sheep in my reviews of books everyone else seem to love. I prefer to read negative reviews of books to see what people really think, then I'll read some positives and make a decision, so I am completely behind this movement to be yourself and embrace your opinions, popular or not.

    1. Yay! It's a very experimental process and takes time, but eventually I hope everyone can start to do this. It's perfectly OK to be the black sheep, it means you are different and people respect that. Who wants to be that same as everyone else? I sure as hell don't.

      It's nice to see people embracing it. That's all I'm going for.

      Thanks for stopping by, Julie!