Yes, I Prefer the Ending

Yes, I Prefer the Ending

Happy New Year! How is 2017 going so far for you? It's great for me! You know, new year, new me and all that jazz... eh, not so much. I'm not really one for all of the changes and resolutions because I feel as if you should be willing to change throughout the year, not just in the first two weeks.

So instead of listing that changes I want to make about this year in a really depressing post (and let's be honest, I don't have any!), I have decided to share with you a little secret.

I like to read the ending of the book before I'm to that part. 

GASP! Shocker, right? I recently told this to a few fine people and they acted like I had just committed murder or some other awful crime. I really don't see a problem with this, and I hope I'm not the only one to do it.

I guess things have changed a bit with the new year. I have recently delved into the world of adult, specifically focusing on mystery. I know, this is weird behavior for me but I was given some of these books and felt the urge to give them a try. (I actually really like them but that's not the focus of this post!)

I don't read mystery often and here's why: I don't like the suspense. I grow suspicious of someone and then I NEED to know who it is. So I take a little peak at the back of the book. If it's who I suspected, great, continue onward. If it's not, I like to continue onward with the killer or so in mind to see if I can spot any clues. Is this weird? I like to not think so.

I can hardly read a mystery without peeking at the ending. 

Also, a perk of this weird habit of mind: you find out if the ending is good. If the ending's good, then the middle is good right? No, well then. That's how I justify my reading.

I don't only do this with looking at the end of books though. Sometimes I do it with complete series. EVEN LOUDER GASP! Um, yeah? I read the last book in a series first to tell if I will like the rest of it. Because why waste my time if the series isn't good? What if it's a really long series? Yup, give me the ending.

I really hope I'm not the only one who does this. Come on, have you ever sneaked a peek? Be honest in the comments below! You can't make me feel too bad about this when 2017 just started!