3rd Blogoversary

Kayl's Krazy Obsession is Now 3 Years Old!

I can't believe it! This date has snuck up on me without much time for planning or anything. So yeah, I haven't planned anything at all. I'm actually writing this post three days in advance because I've been so busy. This year has been a hectic one, with me going dark on here for a few months on end but I've always managed to make my way back here. I love blogging and there's no way I would ever stop. I refuse to let school keep me from my passion. So while I may not blog for a few months, just know that I am out there wanting to but unable to find the time. 

Who would have thought that I would still be here 3 years later? Nope, not me. 3 years is a really long time, and January 31, 2014 seems like such a long time ago! I was so young then and I've changed so much as a person since then. It's unfathomable how much has changed in 3 short years! 

I don't want to make this a long, gushy post so I just wanted to say a brief THANK YOU to everyone I've met along the way. I know I've never met any of you in real life but I would definitely like to! There are a lot of amazing people and readers out there, and I would love to hug each and every one of you. 

I'm looking at my Blogoversary post from last year and as of writing that post, I had 17, 169 total visitors. That's what that number was on the side of my blog. Well, now I am proud to say that number has jumped to a total of 32,961! That's a really big jump in a year! 

During this past year, well more recently, I've started getting on my blog's Instagram more. Since I haven't had lots of time to post on my blog, I took to Bookstagram because I could do quick and easy posts off of my phone. I'm really happy with how much my account has grown, and I'm loving the pictures I have been posting. So please go check out my Instagram account to connect with me more on there! 

Who knows what I'll be up to in the next year? I've been reading a lot more books recently, and I've put more effort in trying to post. Let's hope that continues!

A Few Goals for This New Year

  • I plan to read a lot more and hopefully post a lot more! 
  • I plan on hosting another giveaway soon, so stay tuned to my Bookstagram account. 
  • I hope to earn more ARCs and introduce you to more books. 
  • I hope to buy a book subscription box. 
  • I hope to make more friends in the bookish community and get more comments on my posts. 

This is a really simple and sweet post, so I hope you enjoyed it. Last year's was really hectic with a lot planned so I toned it down a bit this year. I hope you enjoy, and please keep coming back for more! Let's make 2017 a great year for Kayl's Krazy Obsession!