Creepiest Book Ever: Frozen Charlotte

Quickie Review: Frozen Charlotte by Alex Bell

Title: Frozen Charlotte
Author: Alex Bell
Pages: 368
Publisher: Scholastic
Publish Date: November 29, 2016
Genre: Young Adult Horror, Mystery

Synopsis: An instantly gripping, edge-of-your-seat thriller filled with haunted dolls, creepy settings, and horrific twists.
When fifteen-year-old Sophie's best friend dies abruptly under mysterious circumstances, Sophie sets off to stay with her uncle and cousins on the remote Isle of Skye. It's been years since she last saw her cousins -- brooding Cameron with his scarred hand; Piper, who seems too perfect to be real; and peculiar little Lilias with her fear of bones.
Sophie knows that in her uncle's house, there are rules she must follow: Make no mention of Cameron's accident. Never leave the front gate unlocked. Above all, don't speak of the girl who's no longer there, the sister whose room lies empty of all but the strange antique dolls she left behind.
As Sophie begins to explore the old house, a former academy for girls shut down long ago, she discovers unsettling secrets that shed light on a dark and dangerous history. But there are some secrets Sophie never expected to uncover. Secrets about her own family. Secrets that suggest Sophie may be in more danger than she could have ever imagined.

If you've been here a while, you would know that I was looking for a horror book to read around Halloween. I never found one that satisfied my craving for horror until now. This book gave me the chills. I was up for hours reading this book, and I was up for hours afterwards because I was terrified out of my mind. If you are looking for a mind-blowingly scary book, then Frozen Charlotte is definitely what you are looking for.

This is one of those books you just fly through. Once you start chapter one, you will continue reading until it's the middle of the night and you are more than halfway through the book. The writing just captures your attention and does not loosen it's grip until the very last page. I loved Bell's writing style. It was intriguing and kept me guessing at every turn. Bell knows how to write mystery oh so well.

This book is about murder, ghosts, dolls (duh duh DUH), and creepy family secrets. Honestly, I hated it because it made me terrified but it was such a good book. I could not sleep because this book freaked me out so bad.

The plot was to die for (get it, because it's a mystery lol). It was everything I could have hoped for and more. This is probably the best mystery novel I've read in a really long time. And I don't read mystery that often.

I loved the ending. I just wanted to point out that I so called it. I knew there was something wacky with said person. What a nutjob.

Definitely read this book if you need something to give you the hebbe jebbes. You will probably be rocking in a corner by the time you are finished.

About the Author

Alex Bell was born in 1986. She always wanted to be a writer but had several different back-up plans to ensure she didn’t end up in the poor house first. For some years these ranged from dolphin trainer to animal shelter vet but then, at fifteen, she had an epiphany involving John and Robert Kennedy and decided to become a lawyer instead.
To that end she eagerly started a Law Degree only to find it so boring that she was at a very real risk of going completely insane. To mitigate this she started writing again. The second book got her an agent with Carolyn Whitaker of London Independent Books but, unfortunately, not a publisher. The third book, written during her first summer holidays off from university, found a home with Gollancz. The Ninth Circle came out in April 2008 with possibly the most beautiful cover ever created (matched only by her second book, Jasmyn).
Not one to learn from past experience, Alex started the Legal Practice Course in London. There she met some great people and had a lot of fun messing about during lessons that were clearly meant to be extremely solemn affairs. Thankfully, she dropped out just before the point where all students must submit to the personality-removing process that is a compulsory part of being an esteemed member of the legal profession.
Now she happily dwells in an entirely make-believe world of blood, death, madness, murder and mayhem. The doctors have advised that it is best not to disturb her, for she appears to be happy there.