Twisted Mysteries in France: The American Girl

ARC Review: The American Girl by Kate Horsley

Title: The American Girl
Author: Kate Horsley
Pages: 423
Publisher: William Morrow Paperbacks
Publish Date: August 2, 2016
Genre: Mystery, Thriller

Synopsis: On a quiet summer morning seventeen-year-old American exchange student Quinn Perkins stumbles out of the woods near the small French town of St. Roch, barefoot, bloodied, and unable to say what has happened to her.
Quinn's appearance creates a stir, especially since her host family, the Blavettes, has mysteriously disappeared. Now the media, and everyone in the idyllic village, are wondering if the American girl has anything to do with the missing family.
A Boston reporter named Molly Swift travels to St. Roch, prepared to do anything to learn the truth and score the ultimate scoop. After Quinn is arrested and a trial by media ensues, she finds an unlikely ally in the young journalist. Molly unravels the disturbing secrets of the town's past in an effort to clear Quinn's name, but even she is forced to admit that the American girl makes a compelling suspect.
Is Quinn truly an innocent abroad, or is she a cunning, diabolical killer intent on getting away with murder?

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This will not affect my review in any way. 

This book messed me up. It keeps you guessing until the very last page. If you’re friends with me on Goodreads, you could read my guesses. None of them were even remotely right, but I did manage to guess who the messed up people were. 

I could not put The American Girl down. I loved the different points-of-view. You had blog post entries that told what happened before Quinn lost her memories. You had vlogs about what happened after Quinn started regaining her memories. And then you had the third point-of-view of a journalist that starts off looking for a juicy story but later becomes attached to it. 

I loved everything about this book… except for the ending. It was confusing and I don’t think everything was wrapped up as nicely as it should have. Let me tell you something about this book, you’ll never see it coming. 

I loved how everyone was suspicious of something. There was no perfect person in this ordeal, everyone had some dirt on their hands. 

After reading this book, I really don’t want to go to France. I wasn’t a fan of Madame nor Freddie. I didn’t like Raphael either. The French do have some different morals that we do, so it was a bit weird. It was very interesting though. 

Please read this book. It’s a little on the heavy side, but it’s worth it. The American Girl is one of the best mysteries I’ve read in awhile.