Guest Post: Operation Tenley

Blog Tour: Operation Tenley by Jennifer Gooch Hummer

Title: Operation Tenley (The Fair City Files #1)
Author: Jennifer Gooch Hummer
Publisher: Month9Books
Publish Date: September 13, 2016

Synopsis: Meet Tenley Tylwyth, an Elemental Teen born with the power to produce weather. Cool? Not really. Elementals who can create weather make Mother Nature angry. It’s time she got rid of them. Only one thing is standing in her way—Fair Ones. These ancestors of fairies keep kids like Tenley safe, but when rookie Fair One, Pennie, fails to do so, she’s forced to travel to Earth—a place where no Fair One wants to go. Now, Pennie has forty-eight hours to convince Tenley to give up her power. It won’t be so easy. Tenley’s got a way with wind. And after falling deep into Mother Nature’s gardens, where trees grow upside down and insects attack on command, a little wind might be just what Tenley needs to survive. Even if it kills her.

Guest Post

When I was a little girl I wanted to be a singer. I was sure that I would be. But one day when I was 10 years old, my dreams were crushed. There I was, brushing my teeth, minding my own business, when the me in the mirror laughed. “You’re going to be a writer, sucker. That’s your destiny.” Nope. No way. Zero possibility of that. Writers were goth and weird and dressed like they bought their clothes at a garage sale. So I finished brushing my teeth, sang through high school and college, went to a summer music college, and moved to Los Angeles where I studied opera, auditioned for the Met and joined the underground opera scene (there is one!) But then, suddenly, I got bored. I was tired of singing other people’s words. Sure, "O mio babbino caro" is an incredible aria and Puccini is a master, but I felt the need to spice up the lyrics a little. (Forbidden of course!) And that’s when I realized, “You, idiot! That’s what that me in the mirror was trying to tell me. Writing is my destiny. It’s my true heart’s desire.” And I’ve been writing ever since.


Chapter 37

Pennie pulled herself up from the ground and sat on a fallen tree trunk. “Laraby. Where are we? What happened?”

“I can’t be sure,” Laraby answered, brushing himself off and standing. He had a smear of dirt on his face and a few rips in his robes. “But I think we might be in one of her gardens.”

Her? You mean, her her?” Pennie looked around. “We’re in Mother Nature’s garden?”

“I believe so.”


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About the Author

Jennifer Gooch Hummer is the award-winning author and screenwriter of her debut novel, Girl Unmoored (SparkPress). Girl Unmoored has also been published in German (Carlsen).  Jennifer has worked as a script analyst for various talent agencies and film studios. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and three daughters.