Ultimate Risks: Never Stop Falling

Guest Post: Never Stop Falling by Ashley Drew

Title: Never Stop Falling
Author: Ashley Drew
Publish Date: March 1, 2016
Genre: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance

Synopsis:She didn’t expect to fall for her best friend.
He was always waiting to catch her.
Corinne Bennett lives in the moment. Whether she’s skydiving out of an airplane, or setting off on the road to anywhere, she’s ready to dive into the next adventure. That is, if best friend and always-by-the-book Nicholas Kelley doesn’t put his foot down on her wild stunts first.
When Corinne gives in to her growing feelings for Nicholas the summer before their freshman year of college, she takes the ultimate risk, making this one adventure he has longed to explore with her.
But the moment they take that irrevocable leap, a shocking revelation blindsides Corinne, exposing her vulnerabilities, baring her fears, and shattering her beliefs about love. With their future—and most importantly, their friendship—now clouded in doubt, she must decide if love is really worth the risk.
Because when it comes to love, you never stop falling.

Guest Post

I was sitting in my Sociology 101 class my freshman year of college, completely bored out of my mind and doodling in my notebook, when I started jotting down a bucket list. These are some of the things I remember writing down: graduate from college, live in New York City, go skydiving, run a marathon, visit Europe, write a novel. Fast forward to 2008, and I had crossed two items off that list—I graduated from college and I lived in New York City for two and a half years. It was only two things off my bucket list, but I felt like I was on a roll. Why stop now?

That was the year I decided I was going to write a book. The idea had been in my head for a while, so I figured I would finally get it down on paper. I didn’t really have anything else going on, so with all the time in the world, it was the perfect opportunity.

But of course, life happens. A couple of chapters in, and writing had to take a back seat to wedding plans, because anyone who has ever planned a wedding knows how much time it takes! Then one year later, I revisited those chapters, only to have a big trip to Paris and London to plan—another item I was able to check off my bucket list.

Jump to 2012, the year my daughter came into the world. Through all of the sleepless nights, the hundreds of diaper changes, and the endless crying, the thought of my story and my characters still lingered in the back of my mind. With a full-time job and a family to take care of, there was no way I would ever write that book; that dream on my bucket list would never be crossed off. Or so I thought.

That brings me to January 2014. I’m not one to make a new year’s resolution and actually keep up with it. I figured, hell, why not try to write this thing again? It was a resolution that I thought would end up being a dud like all of the other resolutions I had made in the past.

So, I pulled out those chapters, and I started to write again. Every day. Whenever I had any spare time, which wasn’t much. Some days I wrote a couple of thousand words, and others, just a sentence or two. But I wrote—every single day.

It had been six years since I wrote those first pages of a book that started out as a goal on a bucket list and eventually grew into a passion I never even knew I had. I didn’t know it at the time, but that passion fueled my determination to finish my story, one that been on my mind for so long.

So, if there is any advice I can give to aspiring writers, then here it is:

Life is always going to happen, but don’t let it stop you from pursuing your dreams. The only person who says that you can’t is you. There are 24 hours in a day—use them wisely. And write every single day.

About the Author

A San Francisco Bay Area native, Ashley Drew currently lives in Los Angeles. When she’s not going cross-eyed after writing for five hours straight, or burying her nose in a book, you’ll find her sprawled on her couch watching General Hospital, having alien conspiracy discussions with her husband over a bottle of bubbly, and dancing to Taylor Swift’s 1989 album with her daughter.



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