My Birthday!

So I always have to make a post on my blog about my birthday (because I can), and I just couldn't skip out on it this year.

Today is my birthday! 

Since I'm writing this post in advance, I have no idea how the day will go, but I'm pretty positive that it will be awesome! I'm going lazer-tagging and I'm getting cake with my favorite ice cream! I don't think the day can get any better. Later on in the year I will be going to 2 concerts so I'd say this is one of my better b-days.

Anyways, I'm reading again so this birthday will be superb. During the month of February, I was kind of taking a break, but now I'm back! Side note, my blog is blocked again for profanity. That makes it the third time I believe.

So yeah, awesome birthday. I hope you guys have awesome birthdays as well whenever that may be.



  1. Happy Birthday!! I hope it's wonderful and filled with ice cream because that always makes it better ahah (also enjoy those concerts later on!)
    Enchanted by YA

    1. Thank you! My friend's actually buying me ice cream cake tonight, so I'm quite excited. And I will enjoy those concerts later on because I am so looking forward to them! Thanks again for the warm wishes!