How to Get Out of a Reading Slump

How to Get Out of a Reading Slump

If you are like me, for some odd reason, we get in book slumps. Now mine typically happen towards the beginning of the year, but they can strike at any time.

Now, I don’t know why these happen. Maybe we’re just too busy or the last book we read screwed with our feels so bad that our brain refuses to read anymore. I don’t know, but I do have some tips to get out of this slump that has been wrongfully put on us booklovers.

→ Watch BookTube

You know that wonderful little thing called YouTube? Well, there’s a book-loving community on there called BookTube that just make videos about, you guessed it, books! There are so many different types of videos out there with so many personalities, you’re bound to find one you like. Personally, I like the tips and tricks videos because I love learning new things, but there’s something for everyone.

There are unboxing videos which is basically a video version of In-My-Mailbox. Or there are book shelf tours where you can envy other’s shelves. (Or maybe think about how your shelf is so much better than theirs.) You can literally find anything which is great. Something is bound to give you inspiration.

Also, BookTubers are a whole different community than book bloggers. There’s so many different people to befriend, I love it!

→ Re-read your favorite book

I’m always re-reading my favorite book, so this doesn’t really apply to me, but re-read your favorite book. It’s bound to get you back to loving books because you’re seeing the good sign. Don’t you want to find another book that gives you the same feelings your favorite book does? It has to be out there, so be inspired again and go find it!

→ Read a popular book

When books become popular in the booking community, there’s bound to be many varying views on it. So why not read it for yourself and find out? Hey, maybe you dislike it and can thrust your unpopular opinions out into the world. That always gets you a lot of traffic.

→ Watch a Book-Turned-Movie

And then rant about how horrible it is compared to the book. (Nothing can ever compare.) Watching a movie that was made from a book is always a fun task. You get to point out all of the errors and talk about what was supposed to happen. Plus, it makes you want to read that book again.

I hope those tips (no matter how sarcastic they were) helped (somewhat), and I would like to give a shoutout to all you BookTubers out there. Y’all are cool. If you have a BookTube, you should totally leave a link to you channel in the comments so I can check you out. I need some more BookTubers in my subscription box.

I am in a book slump at the moment, but I think I am (slowly but surely) overcoming it! Watching BookTube has helped.