Happy Leap Day!

Happy Leap Year Day!

This only happens once ever 4 years so I couldn't miss my chance to post about it! If I don't do it now, who knows where I'll be four years from now.

That's actually really crazy to think about. In four years, I'll be expected to have my life put together. I'll be deciding things for myself which is a scary, yet exciting, thought. I can only hope that I'll still be blogging four years from now. I can only dream of the places Kayl's Krazy Obsession will have gone. We can only get bigger and better from this moment on.

I just wanted to take a little bit and talk about the future. It'll be here before we know it.

I hope you all enjoy your extra day of reading. Let me know what extra book you're reading down in the comments. Have an awesome rest-of-leap-year!

What do you think you'll be doing four years from now on this very date? Blogging? Reading? Writing? Let me know in the comments below!