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Well, obviously my favorite genre is Dystopian (if it wasn't obvious) and here's why I enjoy it:

1. SUPER BADASS HEROES- They typically transfer from a normal human girl that later on discovers the power that she holds. They're always great for action and fighting.
2. CORRUPT GOVERNMENT/PEOPLE IN POWER- Bad people, especially as a whole government is one of my weaknesses. They are the perfect villains.
3. DIFFERENT WORLD- It's not contemporary. It's something that I haven't seen before.
4. FUTURISTIC ASPECTS- Seeing other's ideas for the future fascinates me. They come up with so many magical things.
5. REBELS- It's always nice to read things related to me.
6. HOT PEOPLE- Everyone in these novels are always really hot! It makes for great on-screen eye-candy ;)
7. AWESOME PLOTS- Though they do tend to repeat themselves, normally the plots are awesome. They're always nail-bitters and have me on the edge of my seat.
8. TEENS- It's always great seeing things from a teens perspective. They don't fully understand the difference between right and wrong and they are still questioning of the world. They want to know why.
9. QUICK- The plots are so addicting that it takes no time whatsoever for me to read a dystopian novel. I don't want to ever put them down because they don't bore me.
10. UNWAVERING HOPE- There's always someone trying to right the wrong in dystopian novels. They want to fix the world and have so much hope for the future, no matter what they are put through. (And trust me they are put through a lot.)



  1. My favorite is YA. You have some good answers there.

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    1. YA is obviously the best *hair flip*
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  2. I haven't read any dystopian books in a while (which is strange for me!) but your wonderful answers have reminded me why I love it. The unwavering hope is something that always sticks with me and gives courage to try and right some (less drastic!) things in my own life including my outlook. Anyway, great post :)

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    1. Thank you! I'm glad to have gotten fellow Dystopian lovers back on track.
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