Quick and Easy: The Truth About Boys

Review: The Truth About Boys by Shana Norris

Title: The Truth About Boys
Author: Shana Norris
Publisher: The Studio
Publish Date: February 9, 2016

Synopsis: 6 guitar strings. 2 boys. 1 summer to let it all go.
The summer before college, Kate Watts wants to do three things: make music, hang out with her best friend Ashton, and scoop ice cream. With an ailing grandfather, a flaky mom who shows up once every who-knows-when, and a looming tuition bill to pay, Kate doesn’t need any more complications.
But “complications” have a way of finding her.
Like when an infuriating new boy named Rory humiliates her at a party.
Like when her wild cousin Paisley shows up unexpectedly at her doorstep to stay.
Like when she’s offered the chance of a lifetime—but only if she throws away the dream she’s been working for.
Soon, straight-shooting Kate gets swept up in a whirlwind of parties with Paisley, all while falling for hot-and-cold Rory…until she begins to suspect that Rory and Paisley might be keeping a huge secret together. Will Kate have to leave everything behind to untangle the truth—including herself?
The Truth About Boys is a companion novel to The Boyfriend Thief and The Secrets Between You and Me and the third book in Shana Norris’s Stolen Kiss Collection. The Stolen Kiss Collection may be read in any order.

I received this book for free from PLL Trendsetters in exchange for an honest review. 

Cover: The cover reminds of another book that I can’t think of it. It’s really pretty though and reminds me of a sunset. I love the fonts, which are gorgeous. The colors just make everything pop.

Characters: I like Kate as a main character. I could really connect with her struggles and understood her character. She was a well-developed character and sometimes did stupid things and made stupid decisions.

Rory was an awesome character. He just made the book so much better, and I loved him as a love interest. He played such a deep role in the novel. Also, I loved the struggles he was put up against.

Plot: I loved how nice and easy The Truth About Boys was. It was a very quick read. There was drama, but mostly it was a great read. I loved how adorable it was. The storyline was just great. I really enjoyed reading The Truth About Boys, although I never did discover the truth about boys…

I also liked the DJing. I thought that was cool and unique. It suited Kate well.

Ending: Such a plot twist! I really didn’t see that coming. I guess I should have suspected with Andrea and all, but no, I figured it would be Kate. I’m glad that everyone figured their lives out and it was kinda a happy ending.

Overall: I loved the speed of this novel. It didn’t dwell nor drag. It was a quick easy read which made me enjoy it that much more. It was well-written. The characters were just great. Also, I could picture the book happening before my eyes. I recommend The Truth About Boys for anyone looking for an easy read. It was adorable and just nice.

About the Author

I write young adult books from a tiny town in eastern North Carolina, where I live with my husband and our zoo of animals. I am the author of SOMETHING TO BLOG ABOUT and TROY HIGH, both available from Abrams/Amulet Books, and THE BOYFRIEND THIEF and SURFACING, both available in ebook format for all ereaders.