Promoting at Random Times

Of course, I get inspiration for new posts the the random-est of times. This post was born out of a comment from one of my fellow bloggers, Julie, on my Poison review. I said (in case you haven't read it):

Sometimes, when you stumble across a great read, you just start to cheer for it. And promote it at random times. Like the other day, someone asked me what my favorite-non-bestseller book was at the moment, and I said Nexis although I read it in November. There are just some books that stick with you, you know?

This is basically me in a nutshell.

If I ever read your book, I will probably bring it up at random intervals. It only happens if I REALLY enjoy a book, but sometimes I'll do it to other books.

See I really like the LUX series by Jennifer L. Armentrout and I'll always mange to somehow bring it up, whether it be in a conversation or in a blog post like this one.

Why Do I Do This?

Obviously, if I mention an author or their book multiple times, I think it's amaze-balls and everyone should read it. Some books just stay inside my head, and I believe everyone should here about them.

I think people that do this have, in some way shape or form, been affected by a particular book or author which is why they are always popping up randomly. Sometimes when we type, it could be our subconscious trying to tell others of pieces that have affected us.

I tried googling why I do this, and actual job promotion stuff came up, so this is just my opinion.

Also, I get a lot of requests from self-published authors so perhaps I'm just trying to get more publicity for them. And if someone was new to my blog, maybe they haven't found my review for So Andso Book, so by bringing it up, I can lead them to my older content.

I just like helping people.

When I type, I don't really think about what I'm going to write beforehand, I just let everything flow from my fingertips so essentially it is my subconscious that decides what I type. I see it as a good thing. If I read your book, I'll randomly promote you which may help others find you.

I don't know if this post made any sense whatsoever, but hey, it was my subconscious.

Anyways, if you choose to let me review your book, just know that it won't be a one time thing ;) (I've gotta help myself somehow lol.)