Audiobooks are... Weird

Audiobooks are… Weird

Here's Why

Recently, I’ve started my first audiobook as part of a reading challenge, as well as me wanting to check them out and see if they're something I’m interested in doing more often. In case you’re wondering, I’m listening to Champion by Marie Lu (which is incidentally the last book in a series I haven’t read.) (I should pay more attention to what I’m checking out.)

At first, I hated listening to a book. It read really slowly, and I was unsure what to do with myself. I’ve actually taken to sitting in front of a TV with my headphones in because I find it less awkward than staring at a wall with headphones in (which I might have done last night.)

The main problem that I ran into was I couldn’t really focus on the audiobook. I’d try to do something else, but I discovered that I’d tune out to whatever was playing in my headphones. I only have myself to thank for that because of the countless hours I listened to music while doing my homework. I can’t do anything else why listening to an audiobook which I thought was the main reason they were created.

Are My Problems Actually A Thing?

This dilemma led me to the question, is there something wrong with me or do others have this problem? Can you not focus on your audiobook while doing something else? Is that uncommon? Am I crazy?

So I ask you, my reader, to respond to the questions in the comments. Let’s start a discussion on your thoughts and see if these problems are real or maybe I'm just crazy 

Because of this situation I’ve put myself in, I have mixed feelings on audiobooks. If I focus and really do nothing else, I strangely like it. But if I try to do anything else, I can’t. I’m listening to my audiobook while writing this post and to be honest, I have no idea what’s going on. I just zone out…

I may just have to put audiobooks back on the shelf. I feel so useless while doing it. When I’m reading, I have to occupy myself with staring at a screen and using my hands to flip pages but I have nothing to do while listening.

I can't manage my feelings which is why audiobooks are classified under the "weird" category in my book.

I have weird problems. 



  1. I honestly tried listening to an audiobook once, and I ended up pausing it after 20 seconds and rewinding it back again.

    From that one audiobook, I've come to realize that they aren't really for me. Whenever I listen to them, I end up not really digesting the words and not understanding anything. I do understand that sometimes it's a bit helpful especially when you're multitasking, but I'd really rather read physical books or ebooks than listen to audiobooks. I just don't think they're really for me.

    1. Those are exactly my thoughts! I'm glad someone feels the same way. I thought that I was the only one! The words just seem to go in one ear and out the other.

      I really don't know though. I might try another one, but I'm not sure yet. They are quite strange.

  2. This is the exact reason I don't listen to audio books haha. I'm a big multitasker and I'm always doing something else if I have music on. I just think my mind who wander with an audiobook. Whereas when I'm reading I have to stay still and focus on what I'm doing so I never miss anything.

    1. Yup! Those are my exact thoughts! Is there anyone who can just listen to audiobooks? Maybe it's just some technique that we haven't mastered yet.

      Thanks for stopping by!