Double-Feature DNF: If I Fall, If I Die & A Swift Kick in the Asteroids

Double-Feature DNF: If I Fall, If I Die & A Swift Kick in the Asteroids

I don’t typically do this, so don’t expect it often, I just have quite a few reviews scheduled for this month and didn’t want DNF’s to take up all of them. If I Fall, If I Die and A Swift Kick in the Asteroids were two totally different books and have two completely different reasons on why they are classified as DNF.

Both of these books were received as ARCs which did not sway my opinion in any way. Special thanks to: Blogging for Books and Curiosity Quills Press.

Let’s start with If I Fall, If I Die.

The main reason why I did not like IIFIID is kind of dumb if you think about it, but it’s actually really important to me. Will, the main character, is an eleven year old boy in what I see as a coming-of-age story. It’s been described as that and that’s what I’d classify it as. The story is not written for an eleven year old boy. It uses big words and concepts that a typical eleven-year-old would not understand. This is a tween? book written for adults, and for that reason I’m out. I’ve read something that said adults are taking over the young adult genres, and I feel as if this proves it.

I don’t like it. But that doesn’t mean others won’t.

If I Fall, If I Die wasn’t for me.

Plus, I’m already like a hundred pages in and I’m not a fan of the plot. I knew that if I forced myself to finish it, I would write a totally unfavorable review, and I don’t really feel like wasting my time with that.

I don’t think I would say it’s biased per se, it’s just adults need to stick with their own genres. If they want to write a book like IIFIID was written, then they need to have older protagonists. It’s highly misleading and nothing of what I expected when I read the book.

Now on to A Swift Kick in the Asteroids.

I actually liked ASKITA. It was very interesting and had nerd humor, which I loved. It used advanced words, which made it a slow read for an already long book. I liked it, I just don’t want to finish it. It’s really long, and I don’t have the time for it. Everytime I opened it up, I felt like I was forcing myself to read.

So I thought the best thing to do was put it down and move on.

I loved the world ASKITA created and all of the really cool products. It was funny.

I may, sometime far in the future when my TBR list isn’t bursting, pick either of these back up and finish reading them. But until then, I’m going to set them aside and move onto something that holds my attention.




  1. Oh, that's too bad! I will definitely stay away from these, then.

    1. A Swift Kick in the Asteroids was good and funny, it just moved at too slow of a pace to keep me interested, especially when I had a gigantic TBR. You might like it, but I generally steer towards faster-paced novels.

      Now with If I Fall, If I Die, stay away from it. There was no hope which I hate to say about a book, but it's true.


    2. Hmmm... I have a 400+ book TBR. Maybe I should skip both.

    3. Yeah haha, they aren't worth the hassle!