Why I Am Sick of Harry Potter

Why I Am Sick of Harry Potter

I've been doing lots of research on other blogs to spice up my content, and I stumbled across some advice from Nose Graze. I don't know exactly what she said, but it was something about only blogging what you want to read. And what I'm about to write is a post that I would love to read.

On one of my many adventures stalking other's blogs (which I don't do as often as I would like), I noticed a trend. Everywhere I looked I saw something that pertained to Harry Potter. Don't get me wrong, I love it as much as the next blogger (probably more so) but I don't want to see it everywhere I look. Here's why:

Time to Shine

Harry Potter was a popular book in the early 2000s. It's been around for a while, everyone's read it. It's already been everywhere. Movies, clothing, games, etc. There's really not much left you can do with it. I don't want to see it everywhere I look.

I really wish it would get out of the way and let a new book into the spotlight. I feel like Harry Potter's going to be one of those books in the future that children have to read in English as a classic. It's had it's time. So please just move out of the way, and let's all talk about something different.

Yes, we get that Harry. You don't have to rub it in our faces at all hours of the day.

Every Single Post on Instagram

Every time I log onto my Instagram account for this blog, there is this one account that does the Monthly Book Challenges, and every single post for the challenge is about Harry Potter. Like have you not read any other books? I get that your a Harry Potter fangirl. I understand that completely, but why must you only post about it? Lessen yourself down to once a week. There becomes a point when it's too much when almost every post in my feed is about Harry Potter.

I follow other book bloggers on Instagram to see what they're doing. I don't want to see how many posts you can make about Harry Potter in a day. It's a great number, trust me, I know.

New Movie & Book

I am super excited for the new movie, but I feel as if they are trying to still make money from something that is over. The movies ended a couple of years ago, I think it's time to let it go. They've made millions, probably billions, so why not move onto something else?

And the picture book! Why, why must you release a picture book for it? It's a kids book, yeah, but does it really need to be in a picture format. Let the readers picture it inside there heads, or if you want to thrust your way of seeing Hogwarts onto them, have them watch the movie. It's just ridiculous. Write something else that you are just as proud of. Publish books that have just as much potential as HP. Be a great author.

Harry Potter is everywhere I look, and I don't like it. There are other books out there that are just as great, let's talk about them. I think it's past time to give them up.

And some of you are like this, but let it fade. Keep it great. Let it rest and be immortal in peace.



  1. I feel like they are definitely trying to milk the fanbase as much as they can with this new movie and all the additional books they keep releasing. It was great, and it will continue to be great, but like you said it had its time in the sun and now it just feels forced.

    1. I love it, I always will, but it needs to just move on. It's making me sick of it, and I hate it. HP is awesome, and I want it to stay that way.

      Thanks for stopping by!