Reading Between the Lines (RBL): Pretty Hurts

Reading Between the Lines

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This Weeks Topic: Pretty Hurts 

I read an article the other day in TeenVogue magazine that I just fell in love with. If you didn't know, I want to be a journalist so I love reading stories for all different types of publications. So it's not that weird that I fell in love with an article lol. 

It really got me thinking. (I don't think that's proper English, but it's how I speak so *shrugs*) Everyone these days are caught up in social media. Everyone is addicted to a phone. People are more concerned with online appearances than real life ones. 

Personally, I don't post selfies. I don't see myself as very photogenic, and I don't understand the concept of them so I don't post them. I actually just posted my first mirror selfie the other day. I normally just post pictures of me and friends or just chilling. Selfies are not my game. 

But for millions of other people they are. 

They are obsessed with taking the perfect photo and creating the right filter. I hate filters. I only use three: black & white, rise, and valencia. I'm basic. Though scrolling through my feed, I see people using all of these wacky, unnatural filters. They don't even look like themselves. I follow this one girl that edits her face and eyes so much, it takes me a few moments to figure out who this random person is on my feed. 

It's crazy that people are so obsessed with appearances. 

After reading that article (which I highly recommend that you do), I was shocked to discover that girls are getting plastic surgery to mimic the way they look online. It's mind blowing to think that someone can want to look like an edited photo of themselves. Yeah, it may look better but it's not you. You are gorgeous and natural the way you are. Don't think for one second that you could ever be anything better than yourself. It's not an enhanced version of yourself. It's a brand new spanking person. And if you come into the world looking like an edited photo, then there is something wrong. 

The changing vision of beauty. There are many, and I mean many, people out there that think you are beautiful just the way you are. It doesn't matter how long your hair is or even how much you weigh. Beauty is uniqueness. Don't be like everyone else. Set your own standards for beauty. Don't get them off of an edited photo! 

We need more people in the world that are confident in their own skin. If you were born with it, it's amazing. Never let anyone tell you differently. Always remember that beauty is uniqueness. It's like books. The more unique and original you are, the more people find you amazing. (Though if you are a plastic, you are amazing to.) 

I had to put this out there. It really has nothing to do with books, but hey, what's RBL for? 

What is your opinion of the article on TeenVogue? Let me know in the comments below!

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