Reading Between the Lines (RBL): Ebooks

Reading Between the Lines

Reading Between the Lines is a weekly discussion type post that brings in other topics except for reviews and blog tours. They can pretty much travel in any direction possible. Join us on Wednesday for this weekly feature!

This Weeks Topic: Ebooks

I've never liked eBooks. I prefer to read a physical copy because I love closing a book and seeing how far along you are with a bookmark. And the smell is just awesome (book nerds know what I'm talking about). I just think that it is a lot better to read an actual book. 

But the other day I made an awesome discovery with my Kindle. It's small enough to fit inside my purse! Do you know how amazed I was? I can't fit a book book into my purse because it won't fit but my Kindle just slides right into the side of my purse! I can take it anywhere and everywhere! I find that really cool. 

So just after making this discovery, I went to Walmart with it and was reading as I was shopping. I just think that it's amazing that I can go anywhere with it and read my books. 

I still find it hard to see, and I don't like reading off of a screen but I can take it anywhere! I'm so conflicted! 

What are your thoughts on Ebooks? Do they suck? Are they amazing?

Some Things I'm Looking Forward to:
  • Reading off my Kindle in public
  • Halloween (still!)
  • New stuff for my blog (!!!)