Reading Between the Lines (RBL): Dystopian Genre

Reading Between the Lines

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This Weeks Topic: Dystopian Genre

This originally started as I was writing my review for Dead Girl Running (can be found +here), and I’ll just copy and paste what I said:

I am a sucker for dystopian novels. They are my one weakness, and I can always be caught reading them. The only thing about the dystopian genre is that each book pretty much has the same plot. The government is in complete control and their is a group of rebels that needs to stop them. It’s the same thing over and over again. You know, I’d really like to read a dystopian book that takes place after a group of rebels have destroyed the damaged government. Because they don’t share how they are going to fix everything, they just bring one ruler down.

Like I said, I love dystopian books. It’s my favorite genre. But there is only so many ways you can write a book about the same thing. There is always a group of rebels who believe that they can run the government better. They do not see their actions as treason because the so called government is "corrupt."

Why don't we ever see a different POV? Maybe show the government officials that are being overthrown. Or show what happens after the rebels overthrow the government. Show me something else besides the same old basic formula. 

Give me something new and fresh! Create your own twist! And please for the love of books everywhere, do NOT let this genre die out! I love it! 

What are your thoughts on the dystopian genre? Are you tired of reading the same thing over and over again? Join the discussion in the comments below.

Some Things I'm Looking Forward to:

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  • Posting Reviews for the 10 (yes TEN) books I read over break
  • Maybe doing another giveaway once #spookygiveaway ends?