Pitch Perfect 2 Review

So Tuesday I went with my older sister and watched Pitch Perfect 2. I was super stoked for it since the first one was hilarious, but I was hugely disappointed.

I hate to say it, but it sucked. The plot was almost everywhere, the songs weren't that good, and the humor was offensive. I'll let you know that I was a huge fan of Pitch Perfect, and I've seen it like twenty times. But I think seeing PP2 once was one too many times for my liking.

I love the characters. Becca, Fat Amy, Chloe, Jesse. All of the returning cast are fantastic. Bumper and Fat Amy are hilarious though I didn't really like them as a couple. I did not like new cast-member Emily. I felt as if she was thrown into the mix with no prior thought to anything else. I just didn't like her.

*heart eyes* I've always wanted to do this lol
The songs were not very good. I'm already sick and tired of 'Flashlight' and I bought that song before watching the movie. It's always playing. And I don't think they reached their full singing potential. DSM wasn't even that good and they were the best. TBH I thought they kind of sucked and the Bellas were way better than them from the start.

I love the people in this movie, but save your money. It doesn't compare with the first. And I hate to say it but it's the truth.

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