#REVIEW: Rules of Seduction

Review: Rules of Seduction by Jenna Mullins

Title: Rules of Seduction
Author: Jenna Mullins
Publisher: The Studio
Publish Date: April 21, 2015

Description via Goodreads:  
The first rule of seduction is: don’t fall in love.

Fresh out of college, Dani Young heads for the LA sun to chase her dream of becoming a screenwriter-director. So when her former BFF turned actress Elise offers Dani the opportunity to work on the hit teen show Vamp Camp, Dani can’t refuse, even if it comes at a price: Elise wants Dani to seduce her boyfriend, Vamp Camp superstar Tate Lawrence. Turns out Elise has some major trust issues, and needs Dani to test Tate’s faith. The only rule: don’t fall in love with him.

Sure, Dani doesn’t mind occasionally glimpsing Tate’s megawatt smile…or accidentally-on-purpose brushing up against his perfect torso…but she’s no fool. There’s no way she’d ever fall for a shallow celebrity and no way one would fall for her, a lanky movie nerd.

But amidst vampire-crazed fans, a conniving fellow intern, and a devilishly handsome showrunner, Dani feels like all the rules she used to know have disappeared, except for one: Love doesn’t play by the rules.

Part The Devil Wears Prada, part How To Lose a Guy in Ten Days, this story of friendship and romance is sure to appeal to fans of Stephanie Perkins, Jennifer E. Smith, and Anna Todd.
I received Rules of Seduction by Jenna Mullins as my first assignment for PLL (Paper Lantern Lit) Trendsetters to read and review giving my honest opinion.

First Thoughts: To be honest, I thought this was going to be another adult book. I didn’t think it was going to be funny. I was really skeptical about it. I was not exactly looking forward to read this.

Cover: I love the cover. I find it beautiful! It’s so tropical and simple, and the colors are just amazing! I just love it!

Characters: I loved the characters. They were amazing and had such memorable personalities. They were real and very likeable.

Danika- I loved Danika. Honestly, she reminded me of myself. She was clumsy and a bit dorky. Also, she’s not a very good judge of character. I would not spy on Tate just because Elise wanted me to. They hadn’t talked since high school! There’s no way they are best friends. I thought she was dumb to agree to spy on Tate, but I guess there wouldn’t be much of a novel if she didn’t :) Also, I loved her lists of rules. They were hilarious!

Tate- Tate was so dreamy! I have a crush on him. I feel so bad that Hollywood sees him as this bad boy, and I’m over here like ‘He’s so sweet! He would never harm anyone!’ I feel like we got a good description of him and know a lot about his past. I wish he was real because I would love to be friends with him!

Brit- Brit was one of the best characters. She was so genuine and actually cared about Dani. I feel like she was the best person in this novel. And also I want her to cook me food! It made me so hungry when she was cooking because everything sounded delicious, but I would stick to the comfort food. Is vegan food actually good? I’ve never tried it. Also, I wonder how Hannah and her are doing.

Elise- I was suspicious of Elise throughout the whole novel. I knew there was something suspicious about her and Kevin. I figured she had cheated on him, but I guess I was wrong. She was a bit wacky to have Danika spy on Tate and flirt with him. Normally, girls would do anything to keep people away from their man, not purposely flirt with them. She was weird.

Camden- I somehow knew that Camden would end up being the bad guy. There was something about him that led me to believe that he was bad. I was suspicious of him since the beginning. He’s a jerk.

Plot: The plot was perfect. It was original and beautifully written. It was funny. I enjoyed reading it. I seriously had to wait to write this review because the feels were too strong, and I didn’t want it to consist of ‘AFKAJSHFKAJDHFADHFUH.’ So your welcome that you can actually understand me.

The style was very fun and fast paced. I bet Jenna Mullins had a lot of fun writing this. It was not predictable (except for a few things like who Dani falls for). It was a very logical plot, and I didn’t get lost in plot twists or anything.

Ending: I loved how Dani was telling her story. I thought that was very creative, and it really made the story. I really just loved how it ended, and I don’t want to give anything away :)

Overall: I really loved Jenna Mullins style of writing. I want to read more of her books. She’ll probably end up being one of my favorite authors. I loved how real the novel was. It was just amazing, and I just want to keep gushing about it :) It was really great, and I want everyone to read it.

I loved how Dani craved to be an director, and after The Tower she went on to write something real. She learned how to use her voice and give the people a message.

If you liked Fifty Shades of Grey by EL James, you should try Ruled of Seduction because Danika reminded me of Anastasia Steele, but there’s not anything erotic in this novel so if you're uncomfortable reading that kind of stuff read Rules of Seduction. 

My Castlist

Danika- Emma Watson


Tate- Dave Franco


Elise- Cara Delevingne


Camden- Ian Harding


Brit- Sammy Hanratty 



  1. Oooh! This sounds so good! You had me at Fifty Shades of Grey without the sexy scenes. Lol! Also, that picture of Ian Harding made me laugh. He looks like such a young baby in that pic! (: Awesome review! Can't wait to read this!

    Pearl @ AsteriskPearl's Book Blog

    1. Hahaha! I hoped I'd get some people with the Fifty Shades of Grey! And he does look really young lol! I never noticed that.

      Thanks for stopping by!