DNF: Collide

DNF: Collide by Christine Fonseca

Collide was an ARC I received via YA Bound. This review was supposed to go live in January, but it’s now April and I’m still not done with it. I’ve decided to call it at did not finish because I really doubt that I’m going to finish it. I haven’t picked it up since January. And I just went through my reviewer notes and decided that I’m not going to get a good review out of it.

I thought it was a very slow story. It never got exciting for me. There was no heart-stopping, jaw-dropping moment, and I think I’m about halfway through it. I just found it boring.

Also, it was confusing. It switches POV every chapter and sometimes I had no idea who they were talking about. It confused me alot.

The most dangerous secrets are the ones that kill us.”

I didn’t like it, but you might. :/