March Madness- Round 1: Charlie Hanson from Love and Other Unknown Variables

"Aut viam inveniam aut faciam." > "I shall either find a way or make one."
In celebration of March Madness, I am teaming up with Entangled Publishing to help promote books. I chose a hero, and now I have to try my hardest for him to win. My hero is Charlie from Love and Other Unknown Variables by Shannon Lee Alexander. I am really excited for this because I love Charlie!

All you need to do, is read my post about why Charlie should win and then vote for Charlie Hanson in the Rafflecopter form below! Also, please be sure to spread the word because I want Charlie to win!

+Here is my review for Love and Other Unknown Variables to get a feel for the story

Charlie Hanson

Charlie Hanson is not your normal knight-in-shining-armor hero, he's different -like me- which makes him an interesting choice to champion. He's probably one of the most unexpected heroes in this March Madness competition. Charlie did not save the world from aliens or blow up the Deathstar; he's a normal boy doing normal things.

I choose to champion Charlie because I wanted to show the world that people like you and me can be heroes just by doing what we are doing. That's why I connect with Charlie. He shows that you can be a normal human being from the planet Earth and save the world.

Charlie is your typical teenage boy- he's got blond hair, he's tall and gangly. He's not perfect. He is weird and dorky. He likes math. He -and others- don't find him this amazing sex god. He's just an average boy except for the fact that he is ridiculously smart.

Charlie Hanson does small acts of kindness- kind of. After he runs over an angel statue in his elderly neighbor's front lawn, he has to do yard-work for her to pay for the damages. Let me tell you something, Mrs. Dunwitty is not easy to get along with. She's very hardheaded and she believes she is always right. She was a very interesting character whom, at first, Charlie did not like. But over time, as Charlie worked for her, he steadily grew fond of the old woman. He visited the lonely old woman in the hospital because he felt like it. He showed that it's okay to care for someone you just met- someone whom disliked you at first. And by visiting the old woman in the hospital, he made a lonely woman's day brighter. He made her smile.

Charlie has goals like you and me. At the beginning of the novel he wanted to go to MIT and thought that if he didn't get in, surely he would die. I think a lot of people, especially students, can connect with him here. Everyone has their preferred college that they just have to get into. Later on in the story, Charlie discovers that MIT isn't everything. He can go to another college and be perfectly fine. Surely, he won't die.

He is amazingly gifted. He loves STEM subjects,

but hates English with a passion. His whole school hates English- that's why they go through so many English teachers. He's not your normal brainiac. This really gave me a connection with Charlie; I like STEM subjects too so I understand where he is coming from. I don't despise English though a lot of people do. Charlie isn't afraid to not know everything in the world; he understands that there are somethings you can't know (like English).

Charlie suffers through heartbreak. He falls in love with Charlotte Finch, a normal girl with cancer (I believe it was of the brain). Their first meeting is anything but normal, but it was memorable. He's very awkward around her which I just love. He's not some super smooth guy that makes a girl melt; he has to try and work at it.

Also, Charlie is a great prankster. Yeah, he does abnormal pranks but I found them funny. He's a hero to his fellow classmates because they look up to him- he was compared to their leader I think. He throws a stink bomb into his English teachers house! That's actually really cool since he's in love with her sister and all.

While writing this post, I fell in love with Charlie over again. In my review it sounds like I don't like him, but writing this I realized how much I do. If this post does not make you fall in love, you are heartless (jk).

He's an awkward and amusing character. He makes for a great story. Charlie is probably not expected to make it very far in the competition, but he's an unexpected hero which makes him great. Here's a quote to end things with: "A hero is an ordinary person who performs an ordinary task In an extraordinary situation. -Unknown"

To see more of Charlie and find out more about LAOUV, vote for Charlie Hanson below. I already have some tricks up my sleeve if he makes it into further rounds. Vote for an unexpected hero- someone like you and me- below. 

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  1. Thank you so so so so much, Kayl! It's been a pleasure getting to know you and your blog.

    1. Thanks to you as well! Without you, I wouldn't have such an amazing hero to champion!!

  2. Thank you again, Kayl. Charlie is an unlikely, atypical hero. He'll win people over in the end, but not with basketball! Thank you for being willing to stand up for him. He was lucky to have you on his team.

    1. I was lucky to get him as a player! Charlie is an amazing guy; he's just hard to understand. it was an honor to champion him :)

      Thanks for working with me throughout this competition! I loved working with you, and if you ever need anything in the future feel free to contact me :)