Release Day Blast + #GIVEAWAY: 18 Thoughts

18 Thoughts (My So-Called Afterlife #3)

Title: 18 Thoughts
Author: Jamie Ayres
Publisher: Curiosity Quills Press
Publish Date: January 27, 2015


Olga Gay Worontzoff left the Underworld for her final year of high school anxious for things to return to normal, but fate has other plans.

Somehow, the new hottie at school reads her thoughts but nobody else’s. And her best friend wakes up from his coma acting like a completely different person. Caught in a world that’s a mix of familiar and supernatural, she must confront what she will—or won’t—do to bring him back and stare down her own perceived inadequacies to face a couple of tenacious demons, figurative and literal.

Everything she thought she knew about reality will change as she walks the line between past and present, fear and faith, love and loyalty.

And by the end of a heartbreaking year, she might be forced to realize “normal” in the conventional sense of the word is the one thing she may never achieve.

I've actually wrote a review for 18 Truths by Jamie Ayres. It is the second book in the triliogy. The link to my review can be found +here. It was written awhile ago, so please bear with me. 

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IMPORTANT: If anyone buys 18 Thoughts on release day, ALL of my (the author's) sales will be benefiting Caleb's Crusade Against Childhood Cancer. Caleb was the son of someone I (Jamie Aryes) ran a marathon with for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Great family, great cause :-)

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