My First Giveaway

In honor of the first Blogaversary of Kayl's Krazy Obsession, I present to you our first giveaway!!

This giveaway will run from today, January 25 at 12:01 am EST until Sunday, February 9 at 11:59 pm EST. The contest will be over various social media platforms and will be explained in detail below :)

 The rules for the Giveaway are as follows and will be explained in detail below. If you do not understand something, feel free to comment or contact us. Add '#kaylskrazygiveaway' to all of your entries or I might not get them!

1. You MUST follow Kayl's Krazy Obsession on Twitter and either GFC or Google+. We will be doing extra entries on Google+ and Twitter, so it'll be good for you to follow both accounts.

2. Send me a Tweet/Post why you should win the giveaway. Remember to use the #kaylskrazygiveaway to your tweet/post.

OR if you would rather not do that, you can send me an email. Just put your social media profile in the box with the link and say you sent an email in the contest entry box. If you email me, put "Kayl's Krazy Giveaway Entry" in the subject so I know what it is for.

3. Answer the following question along with your entry from above: How long have you been reading Kayl's Krazy Obsession? This is just for me because I am curious. It's a very simple question, so please don't lie. I really don't mind if you say "I'm just here for the giveaway" though I do hope you take time to check out my blog if you decide to enter.

4. EXTRA ENTRIES: Extra entries to the giveaway can be earned by commenting (REAL COMMENTS RELATING TO THE TOPIC) on any post from the past year, or commenting on the celebratory posts during Blogaversary week OR doing what it says. Extra entries can also be earned from RTing any Tweets from the Kayl's Krazy Obsession Twitter page which can be found to the side or up in the 'Contact Us' tab. As always, if you help spread the word, you will get a crap ton of extra entries. 


I haven't decided how many winners there will be yet. Once I see how many people join the giveaway, I will decide how many winners there are.

The prizes include:
-Brand new novel of Kayl's choice (It's a surprise!)
-Personal note w/ a surprise
-Dedication/Interview post on Kayl's Krazy Obsession about the winner

The book in the giveaway is on my bookshelf :)

The winner will be emailed on or before February 13, 2015 asking for an address and such to send the book to. If the winner does not reply to said email by February 17, another winner will be chosen. 

The interview of the winner will be up on February 20, so I will have enough time to get the questions answered and post written. 

DISCLAIMER: Kayl's Krazy Obsession holds the right to chose any winner from a random drawing using the entries. They also hold the right to chose a different winner if the one firstly chosen does not follow the rules clearly stated above. This is our first giveaway, so please bear with us. Next time, it won't be as messy.