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This weeks Question:
Are you also a writer and what genre or did you ever consider writing?

Question provided by: The Pegster Reads 
I actually am a writer. I have never been published, but I haven't actually sent any of my stories in. A lot of the stories I write are for Wattpad which is this awesome app/website where you can publish your works online. There are millions of books on there, and it's basically just pure awesomeness. 
I have two books on there, which are both in progress. I'm about to have three books on there. I just finished a letter-themed short story. My editor is editing it before I post it. 
All of my books are teen fiction. The Summer of No Stars is a teen-fic romance novel. I'm kind of stuck on that one. Sluts Have Feelings is a humor novel. People seem to love that one. And the one I'm about to post is called "P.S. I Love You." It's a sad, realistic teen fiction short story. 

I'm also writing a sci-fi, dystopian novel that is not on Wattpad. It's in the works. The title is "Ava and Clark." 

That's all my books. (That's all mi books. -Vine lol)



  1. I love Wattpad! I only just found out about it! I plan to release the first 7 chapters of my future release via Wattpad!

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    1. FELLOW WATTPAD LOVER!!! That's great!!

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  2. Wattpad is so cool! I keep meaning to make use of it. Followed on GFC, Google+ Bloglovin,Twitter :) My FF

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