#REVIEW: Sleepy Hollow (No, Not the TV Show)

Review: Sleepy Hollow by Dax Varley

Title: Sleepy Hollow
Author: Dax Varley
Publisher: CreateSpace (Self-publishing/Indie)
Publish Date: August 12, 2013

I apologize in advance for this review. I couldn't fathom a complete thought while I was writing this. I was going to do a take two... but I'm too lazy :) If it doesn't make any sense, sorry. I wrote the plot section last, so it doesn't really make any sense.

Cover: This cover is pretty basic. I understand the girl on the cover, but at the same time I don’t. I don’t even know, it was kind of odd. I don’t like the fonts at all. That’s really all I have to say about that.

Characters: The characters weren’t...noteworthy. I forgot a lot of the character’s names. Then some would be mentioned, then not mentioned for like ever, and then they’d be mentioned again. It got confusing. My favorite character wasn’t even an original. It was based on a legend. None of the characters were very memorable, and I didn’t like a lot of them, especially Elise. She’s a fool.

I don’t like Katrina. She seems like a stuck-up brat. I was actually kind of cheering when she was accused of being a witch because I didn’t like her.

Ichabod…Ichabod...Ichabod…I don’t really have thoughts on him. I thought him and Katrina loving each other happened kind of quickly. It kind of reminds me of that song ‘Call Me Maybe’ by Carly Rae Jepsen. I bet all of you started singing that song when I mentioned it. Ha.

I loved the Headless Horseman (HH). He was by far my favorite character. He was awesome! I’ve always loved the concept of the HH; I just thought it was so cool. And I haven’t actually read any books about it. But it was cool. I think I want to read some other books about him. (Any suggestions?)

One quick note, a lot of the people had names that sounded alike. So I was sort of confused on that. I can produce two names off the top of my head that got me confused. They were both Van … names. And I didn’t know who they were talking about.

Plot: The plot of Sleepy Hollow was fast-paced and a little confusing. Situations weren’t explained very well. There wasn’t a lot of detail either. The ending was just...you can just read the ending section.

I really liked this book at first, but then it went downhill from there. It took me forever to finish it. I’m not even going to finish this part. I have nothing else to say.

Ending (MAJOR SPOILERS): I was so confused on this ending, I still am. I don’t think I fully understood what happened. I was just like “What?!” I even had to wait a day to write the review. I didn’t really get it. A lot of things happened at once, and I’m just so confused. I can’t even write proper sentences about it.

So I guess Nikolass was the Headless Horseman all along. I thought it was the actual Headless Horseman, but no, it was Nikolass, the old school teacher. I don’t really understand the concept of how he rose from the grave. I understood the HH (Headless Horseman), but I don’t know how he could do it as well.

I’m just so confused.

Overall: I like to read Indie novels because a lot of them are really good. I call them paperbacks, and I love when my library gets more. I like them because they aren’t as well known, and sometimes you stumble upon a jewel. This was not that jewel. I was kind of disappointed in it.

This was a crap review.



  1. I like your post, it was very well written and you got your thoughts out there.

    xx Kat xx
    Kat @The Realm of Books

    1. Thank you so much! It's nice to get some feedback on reviews!

      Thanks for stopping by again! I remember seeing a comment on an earlier post :)