#Review: The One

The One by Kiera Cass

The One is the third book in The Selection series. I was first introduced to these books by Google. I had to read on my computer one day in class because I didn’t have a book, so I was searching Google books for something to read. I had searched up something like ‘awesome teen novels’ or ‘teen dystopian novels’. I really don’t remember what I searched. But as I was scrolling through the results, I saw this book called something like ‘Hot Teen Book Sampler’. This was about a year ago, so I doubt those were search results. Sorry. But I click on that book because it shows the book covers on the cover, and I notice that I had read most of those books. Since I knew the other books were AMAZING, I decided to write down the other titles and read them. I’m really glad I did because loved this series!

Cover- This cover was basic and simple, but I thought it was cool. I really love the dresses that the cover girl has worn on all of the Selection novels. That’s another reason why I chose to read The Selection because I loved the cover. Covers are really big for me. I judge a book by its cover; if it doesn’t have an interesting cover, I probably won’t read it.

Plot- I love this plot. It is incredibly amazing and original. At the end of each book, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the next one. I just found each and every one irresistible. I was captivated from the start of The Selection to the end of The One.

This book is about a “selection,” hence the title, for the prince. The selection decides who the prince is going to marry. Girls are chosen from all eight castes, which are basically rankings. Twos and threes are upper class. Fours, fives, and sixes are middle class. And sevens and eights are lower class. That’s not how it’s explained in the books; I’m just giving you a real world idea of how they work.

Characters- I’m not going to go into a lot of detail about the characters; I’ll just highlight a few points.
America- I really liked America; she seems like a futuristic fighter for equal rights. She wants everyone to be equal, so I really like that about her. I really wanted to slap her when she started seeing Aspen.
Maxon- If I met Maxon in real life, I would probably befriend him. He seems like a great down-to-earth person. I really like his ideas, and I LOVE how he stands up to the King for America. I feel sorry for him sometimes, but throughout the book I was hoping he would choose America and America would choose him. I loved them together.
Aspen- I liked Aspen, but I hated that America started to see him while she was in the selection. I just wished that he would have gone away. I loved him as a character; I just didn’t love him being the other guy. He just infuriated me sometimes.

Ending- I loved how this ended. I was a bit shocked, like when they were attacked, but I did love how it ended. I almost cried before I read the last chapter, but then I read it and I was like “YASHHH!” with a fist pump. I don’t think it could’ve ended better.

I did love this series; I’m sad it’s over. I really just loved these books. I’m going to miss reading about America and Maxon. I recommend this book to everyone who loves teen novels, but you need to read the series from the beginning. So start with The Selection, then go to The Elite, and then read The One. This book was fabulous.

So I did my reviews like this again. I got some feedback on the last one I did like this, Cipher, and people said that they liked it. If you don’t like it, let me know. I’m still not sure how I feel about it. 

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