#Review: Cinder

Cinder by Jessica Sorensen

In this book, Ember tries to find answers about who she truly is. But every time she thinks she finds an answer, it magically disappears. Death and murder are everywhere, until Ember is left alone. She will have to make a decision choosing life or death, and who will end up living. Cinder is the second book in the Death Collectors series. The first book in that series is Ember, which I have already done a review on. I’ll leave the link to that review at the bottom of this review.

Cinder started out really good. The exposition of this novel began where the last novel ended. Everything was set up correctly, and Sorensen made sure not to forget anything. In this book, a lot of the questions from the first book are answered. The rising action starts quickly in this novel. Cameron is quickly introduced again after making Ember accidentally kill someone. Suspense plays a huge part in Cinder, it continues throughout the book. It makes you want to know what happens next.

Now that I think about it, I can’t really tell you the climax of this novel. I think it ends in the climax. The ending was the most suspenseful part of the story. And that might be because it’s a series. The beginning of the next book might start with the climax, and then slowly fade into the falling action. This happens a lot with series, like one book is split into three parts. But the ending was a cliffhanger.

The antagonist in Cinder is this guy named Alton. He is incredibly creepy. He just happens to be the mayor of this small town. And he’s killed quite a few people. Ember actually kisses him in this book, and it was gross. And then it turns out he’s dating Raven, who is like nineteen. He is like forty, well actually he’s really old which is nasty. The description of him just makes him seem creepy.

I really liked this plot. I loved how it began in Ember, and then how it continued in Cinder. Ember has to choose between Reaper or Angel, and I like the symbols that represent both- the black eyes for Reaper and the wings for angel. I think it’s really creative. And I absolutely loved the poem that showed right before Ember saw her eyes. I thought it was beautiful. I like the poetry in this book. There’s not a lot of it, but whenever it shows up it’s really good.

The tone of Cinder is really depressing. She loses everyone, and I mean EVERYONE. The whole town is possessed! That has to suck. And Ember feels like she’s going crazy. Everyone is dead- not everyone. But it’s just sad. I feel bad for her.

This novel had a lot of grammatical errors in it. And that kind of bugged me. It didn’t seem edited. I’m pretty sure Jessica Sorensen is a self-published author, so I understand. It just got annoying after a while. It didn’t seem like anyone proofread it before it was sent to the printers. I really just wanted to take a red pen and edit it for her, and then send it in for the corrections. But that’s a bit rude. I wish some of the basic mistakes had been fixed, though.

Other than the basic mistakes, it was a really good book. I loved the first one, I liked the second, and now I can’t wait for the third. I love this series!