ARC #Review: Cipher

ARC Review: Cipher by SE Bennett

This was just a crap review, sorry. I finished Cipher last Monday, and I forgot to write the review. And now its Thursday and just ugh. I don’t really like this format. It’s weird, and I think I write my reviews better in paragraphs. I don’t know… comment below what you think.
Release Date: March 12, 2014
Publisher: Curiosity Quills Press

I’m going to try a new way on writing a review. I’m going to write the review as I read it. And I’m going to try to cover all of the elements like plot, setting, cover art, characters, etc. So if you like/hate this new technique, comment below. I’d love to get some feedback. Also, should I do a star system? Comment below!

Cover- The cover of Cipher was interesting. The girl captured my attention. She’s striking. And I absolutely love the color scheme. All of the purples and blues really go together. I love it. And the buildings in the background interests me. I’m like “What is this magical world I’m being drawn into?” This cover has gotten me super excited for the book. And I know that you’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover and all that crap, but I totally do. Before you judge, I’m betting most people do, if they care to admit it or not.

Setting- The futuristic world is interesting. I like how some of Cipher’s inventions are being used in the real world. And no one knows that she created them. The credit went to the lazy scientists and engineers aboveground while the basement people did all of the real work.

Cipher- female; from the Basement; I really like her name. I find it interesting.
Victorious- also known as Tor; male; His name is weird. When I first read about him I almost died laughing at his name. I know, not very nice. But what kind of name is Victorious? Especially for a man? I apologize if your name is Victorious. I’m not making fun of you. There’s something off about Tor; I can’t decide if he’s good or bad.
General Wilde- I just have a bad feeling about this guy. He’s super creepy, and if I ever met him I would probably cry. And he has some super weird connections to the old guy. I wonder what I’m going to find out about him later on. I believe he will play a major part in this book.  I’m currently on page 82.
Jerusalem- This chick seems rude. I know she took Cipher in and all, but that was just orders. She’s not very motherly to Tor. I don’t know about her yet. Wow. I can’t believe what happens to her. I disliked her and then that happens, so now I feel bad for her.
Oona- I love Oona. She seems really sweet. And I guessed what was up with her before she told Cipher!!!! I liked her because she could grow/fix almost anything.

Plot: I found the plot super interesting. I loved how it started, and I loved the whole idea of the basement. It was original and creative. I loved all of the characters, and I loved the plot twist! It was a really good story. I thought this was a great book, and I really hope there is a sequel. And by the way it ended, I’m guessing there will be one.

Things I Didn’t Like: With my version, you can tell that it’s a British edition or something because the words are spelled weird. And it does get kind of annoying, but there’s nothing you can do about it.



  1. I like it because I can skip to the one thing I want to read about if I don't have time to read the whole review. That's how I sometimes do my reviews.
    I think it's good though to say how many stars you'd give it.

    1. By the way, I couldn't find anywhere on your blog a way to follow you besides Google, which I don't really do. Is your Twitter or Facebook info posted somewhere?

    2. Thanks for the input!! And I might try a star review :)

      And thanks for pointing out about the Twitter/FB problem. I just added a button on the sidebar. Also to find any way to contact me, just click the page "Contact ME" button at the top!

      And sorry for getting back to you so late!