#Review: Searching for Beautiful

Searching for Beautiful by Nyrae Dawn

I LOVED this book!! It was absolutely fabulous!! It was sad, but very uplifting. I wish I could write something like this.

Brynn is one of my favorite female main characters ever. She went through hardships, but eventually found her way. I know that may sound cheesy, but I liked it.

Brynn is a sixteen year old girl that got pregnant, and lost the baby. The guy, Jason, had lied about his age and loving her. But everyone thought that she lied to him about her age, and everyone dropped her. This was right after her mom died, so now she has no friends. She is alone. This is a story about her journey to rediscover herself.

The characters in this book are wonderful. I loved Emery. And even though she kept making bad decisions, I still liked her. She was my favorite. Diana and Ellie were horrible friends. Brynn’s mom just died, and they wanted her to go to a party?!?! And then they dropped her because they didn’t believe her?!? They are just horrible people. They’d rather spend time with their boyfriends than hang out with a friend who needed them. Wow, just wow.
Christian was just super sweet. I loved how he was always popping gummy bears. It was cute. And he played the guitar, which is awesome. Also, he cared about Brynn. He wanted her to get better. Or at least try to get better. The nickname, Bryntastic, was also adorable. I didn’t get why he called her that, but I loved it. And I liked how Christian had problems too. He wasn’t perfect. It was great.

This plot was amazing. It made sense throughout the whole book. I didn’t like how it would change from the ‘before’ and ‘now’ though. Honestly, I wanted to find out what happened next, not what happened back then. But it shed some light onto the situation, so I understand.

Overall, this book was amazing. It was a great change of pace from the things I normally read. Everybody just needs to pick up this book and read it. Nyrae Dawn might just be one of my new favorite authors.  

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  1. This sounds incredibly touching and sad. Copy, please? ;-)

    1. It was amazing! Thanks for stopping by!