Divergent Movie Review

Divergent Movie Review

You should know, unless you’ve been living under a rock, the Divergent came out in theaters Friday, March 21, 2014. And I went to the premiere at my local theater! I was super excited all day. So I went to the 5:20 pm show and watched it with my sister (my friend bailed on me). I was surprised that the theater was mostly empty. There were like six different groups of people. But it turns out, most people went to the eight o’clock show.

This movie though… it was amazing. It was better than the Hunger Games. I loved it! And it was just like the book!! And I think that’s always amazing. They even took some lines from the book and used them in the movie!!! I was so happy! I felt like I was going to explode with happiness!!!

I’ve read the Divergent trilogy. I read them before they ever made the movie. Before I knew they were making a movie, I pictured myself as Tris and Dave Franco as Four. But Shailene Woodley and Theo James were really good. They were perfect for Tris and Four. And Theo James… just wow. He played Four perfectly. And his tattoo was so hot. It was the same as the back of the t-shirt I made for the movie, but his had extra stuff around it. It looked really cool.  

The simulations were really cool. Like for the aptitude test they showed the dog and everything. They just didn’t show the bus. And I would have liked it better if they showed the bus scene, but that was one of they few parts they left out. The fear simulations were awesome. Four’s were exactly how I pictured them, and he knew how to solve them. But my favorite simulation was for the final test and the leaders were watching Tris as she solved hers. And they showed the one were she was afraid of Four moving to fast. And I was like oh my god!! It was hilarious! In the theater I was like “Ohhhhh!”

I noticed that they only left out a few parts from the book. There was no Edward getting stabbed in the eye. And they didn’t show the bus in the aptitude test. I know no movie is ever going to be exactly like the book, but the knife in the eye would have been cool. Also, Al was in the movie and everything happens to him, but I had no idea who he was at first. I was like “Where’s Al? And who’s this guy who keeps hanging out with Chris, Tris, and Will?” But I figured out it was Al after a while.

But this movie is awesome. In the end when Tris punches Jeanine, this old lady started clapping and cheering. We both were like finally. My sister has never read Divergent, and probably never will even though I keep telling her to, was skeptical about this movie. She thought it wouldn’t be that good, and was going to laugh at me when I got super disappointed. But she LOVED it! She keeps telling my mom that it’s better than the Hunger Games. And she can’t wait for the next one. So it’s really good. And afterwards I was so happy. I was just ecstatic. When I watch a great movie that is based on a great book I’ve read, I get super weird and just happy. I just loved it! Everybody needs to go watch it.

^^ You are welcome!!