Review: Smart Girls Get What They Want

Smart Girls Get What They Want by Sarah

Smart Girls Get What They Want (or SGGWTW for short) is a book about 3 nerds­: Gigi, Bea,
and Neerja. This is a story told from Gigi’s point­-of-­view about three nerds who realize brains
aren’t always everything. They learn that even if you are super smart and get into an Ivy League
college, people might not know you at all. You might have the brains, but you might be a nobody.
This is basically my life.

Trying to be known in high school, Gigi runs for Student Rep, Bea goes out for skiing, and Neerja
joins a play. SGGWTW is a funny book about high school girls coming out of their shell and facing their fears. There is love, drama, and some really hot, rich guys who might be a bit more
than was bargained for.

How I felt about this book: I was horrified when Gigi got a zero on the midterm, being accused of
cheating no less. That is something I, and other brainiacs, fear deeply. So at first, I didn’t like
Mike. I was so sure he was using her. But no, I was wrong.
Also, this novel wasn’t that believable because I’m taking Chemistry I (not honors because I
hate science) and this past chapter was all about moles, Avogadro’s number, and chemical
quantities. And Gigi’s taking AP Chem and they haven’t learned about that. It’s pretty early in my
chemistry book, chapter 10. So, it might not being entirely realistic.
Will… I don’t know. I liked him at first, but he was sending all mixed signals, I was just confused.
This is entirely believable. Does he like her or not? What’s his deal? In the end, I really disliked
him because he was… I don’t want to say using, but I can’t think of another word, using Gigi. Like
he distracted her from what she was aiming for. Also, he was using Ava. She didn’t really know
any better. One question that I had was did she know that Will had a girlfriend? I don’t think so.
I knew Neerja never should have dated Justin. He was always so out of it! I knew that she would
end up falling for Henry. But Justin just made me mad throughout all of it. He was an airhead,
never with the conversation.
At the Crystal Ball when Gigi kissed Mike, I cheered. Mike was totally unsuspecting. He turned
out to be a genuinely sweet, thoughtful, and smart guy. (Just what I need *sigh* but perfect guys
only exist in books) So I was happy.

Overall, this book was great. I read it all in one sitting. I also liked the logic stuff that was in it. But
it wasn’t that believable that they were just sophomores. Most sophomores don’t drive, at least
where I’m from you can’t drive without an adult until nine months after you get your drivers
license. And sophomores running for class rep, with only one senior running against them? Yeah
right. Sarah Strohmeyer should have made them at least juniors to make it more believable.
This is a perfect model if your looking for some classy, smart girls coming out of their shell

Genre: Fiction
Year released: 2012