Review: A French Girl in New York

A French Girl in New York by Anna Adams

So after my last post, I’m going to do a review on a free e-book that I downloaded on Amazon for
my Kindle.

This book is not one of my favorites, not even in the top fifty. Some books are so cheesy that I
like them, but not this one. I didn’t hate it, but it was confusing at times. The author would go off
and tell the story from other peoples point­-of­-views, so I was like what just happened? I had to go
back and read some parts so I knew what was going on. And when the author used French… I
was lost. I, personally, don’t speak French, I don’t think I ever could. On my Kindle, I have the
dictionary thing where you move the cursor before a word and it tells the definition, but it would
not translate. I had no idea what all the French crap was, and there was some. So I was
The Ruchets were horrible people. I disliked them. They made their foster daughter sleep in a
dark, damp basement with rats? How could people be so heartless? There’s a big secret with
the Ruchets, but I’m not going to say what it is. But how could you treat Maude like that, after
knowing who she is and who her parents are? They are not good friends.
Also, everyone Maude know is a famous pop-star? Yeah right buddy. Matt is a famous pop-star,
Lindsey is a famous pop-star, Thomas is a budding pop-star. And (SPOILER) how did Lindsey
and Thomas steal Maude and Matt’s song? I don’t recall the author ever mentioning that Maude
sang the song to Thomas. And after Thomas steals the song, he tells Maude he loves her. Man, I
just wanted to hit him. (END SPOILER)

Overall, I didn’t like this book. It was a bit boring at times, and some spots are just too
unbelievable. I don’t want to say I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone, but it might be true. So
unless your dying to know what happens in the story, don’t download it.

Genre: Fiction
Year released: 2012