Review: Ember by Jessica Sorensen

Ember by Jessica Sorensen

I take back my e-book rant, every single bit of it for this book. OH MY GOD THIS BOOK WAS
FABULOUS!!!!!!!!! I love it!! I could not put it down, and when I had to, that’s all I was thinking
about. I failed a chemistry assignment because all I could think about was Ember and Asher.
And this is a free e-book on amazon!! Squeal!!

This book has a gorgeous plot; Ember is a teenage girl who whenever she touches someone,
she sees how they die. It’s interesting that everyone close to Ember is crazy; her mom’s popping
pills, her brother’s a pyro, and when her dad went missing, everyone blamed Ember for his
death. People at school think Ember is a creep and a murderer.
It’s creepy, but it’s beautiful. It’s making me go crazy with adjectives!

How I felt: I fell in love with Asher as soon as we were introduced. He’s the perfect bad boy:
tattoos, piercings, handsome, gorgeous dark hair. And Asher and Ember go together so well,
their names rhyme. But I have a secret, he’s not the bad guy!!!
Cameron is the perfect good boy: pale blond hair, handsome, popular, and charming smile. He’s
got the cheerleaders all over him. But he’s kind of weird, Ember caught him digging up a grave. I
kept getting bad vibes from him throughout the story, but I won’t tell you anything.
Ember is one of my favorite characters of all time. This story is just so good! There’s drama
whenever Ember is around, the cops show up more than once, their are mysterious deaths that
Ember is blamed for. Also, she’s involved in a love triangle between Asher and Cameron.
Raven is a crappy friend. Some of the things she does, ugh. And she’s involved in a big betrayal.
But the plot is brilliant! I want to read it again and again. I love it! And Jessica Sorensen is an
amazing author.

Ember is fresh, beautiful, and I have read nothing like it. This book is for all ages; there’s an
X-­rated one on amazon, and there’s one for teens!! So everybody can read it. The second book
in the series is called ‘Cinder,’ and I can’t wait to read it!

Genre: Paranormal Fiction
Year released: 2012