My Dear BookAtine

I couldn't post this yesterday because of a major snowstorm, so I'm going to post my valentine's post today!

Single or not, you can have a Valentine this year. I'm going to start a new trend for any and all booklovers out thereFor celebrating Valentine's day this year, your all time favorite book can be your date! Cuddle up with your book, and read by a fire. Go out to eat with your book as your date! You can take your book where ever you want to go this Valentine's Day! You can read a sexy romance novel or you could read your favorite thriller. It doesn't matter! That's what's so great about your own Dear BookAtine.

My Dear BookAtine
My BookAtine this year is Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout. If you can't tell, I love her! And Obsidian is one of my favorite books ever! Also, I named my blog after Katie's. So credit to you, Kat.

Anyways, I loved this book. I'm completly in love with Daemon. I just found this and laughed so hard

So yeah, I'll be spending Valentine's Day with Daemon Black. Sorry, Katie *shrug*

Who's was your BookAtine this year? Comment below with links to your post, and I'll be sure to check them out. (I'm bored right now, so I promise I will)