Day 3: The Valentine's Book Challenge

Day 3: The Valentine’s Book Blogger Challenge

I'm a little late, but who cares?
Hosted by: Parajunkee

Day 3: The Cheesiest Romance Scenes or Topics you have read in a book 

This is a tough question, I'm not supposed to read this stuff...but shhh. I'd have to say Origin by Jennifer L. Armentrout. 
 "...There was something different about what was happening. It seemed truer in its nature, as if that funny piece of paper that was now lying on the floor changed everything..." 
"...We finally made it to the bed, and things were sweet and tender then. Hours passed, probably a little more than the five that Daemon had promised Matthew..."
"...My hands grasped at him as the tension inside of me unfurled, and the the edges of his body blurred as whatever restraint he had snapped..." 
Not the steamiest, but pretty steamy. Also, it's pretty cheesy.