Book Review: Allegiant

Allegiant by Veronica Roth

I, honestly, could not wait for this last installment of the Divergent series. I read the first one a million times, I even bought it. Insurgent was okay, but I liked what happened
^^me at the end of Insurgent

but Allegiant..... OH MY GOD!!! This book came out a while ago, and I read it a while ago, but I believe this is perfect for my first review. 

If you haven't read it, trust me, you need to drive to your nearest bookstore/library and buy/borrow it. It is an amazing trilogy set in the future. It's also a dystopian novel, Yay! My fav! The Divergent series is a fandom that you can find almost anywhere. Also, there is a movie coming out on March 21, 2014. (Ten days past my birthday!! And the beginning of wonderful Spring!!!) Shailene Woodley is Tris and Theo James (yum) is Four. 

The beginning of Allegiant was a bit on the slow slide, but towards the end it picked up. The action is fabulous!! And I guarantee that you will be shouting "NOOOOOO!!" in more than one place. 

I feel as if the ending that Veronica chose for this book was kind of perfect. I mean, I might hate her forever for what she did, but it suited the story. If she didn't end it like that, I feel as if it wouldn't be one of my favorite stories. SPOILER: You know some people always have to die to make an all time memorial book/series (i.e. Augustus Waters, Fred Weasley, Primrose Everdeen) but most of the time it just sucks. But this death really paid off for the author. These kind of deaths give you so many feels, but they tie well-y into the story. So even if you hate Veronica Roth forever, you cannot deny that this(or at least the first) was a good book. END SPOILER

Allegiant...... just pick it up and read it. It's a good/okay book. But you should read Divergent first, because you'll fall in love with all of the characters. Also, it might just be the new Huger Gamers. The world may never know. 

Genre: Dystopian
Release Year: 2013

What did you think of the Allegiant? Did it fill your expectations? Did it let you down? Comment and let me know!!